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Basement Waterproofing Services in GTA

Forget about the endless issues with basement humidity. We will take care of reliable waterproofing, allowing you to utilize this space for creating an additional game room, gym, or home theater.

Cross-section view of a basement corner illustrating waterproofing issues: sump pump, floor and foundation cracks, window well leakage, mortar joint and sewer pipe leakage A cross-section of a basement with waterproofing solutions applied, including a functioning sump pump, sealed cracks on the floor and walls, a secure window well, and repaired sewer pipe, representing a comprehensive approach to resolving basement waterproofing issues.

Our Basement Waterproofing Services

The excessive moisture in the basement of residential and commercial buildings creates a range of problems, from wall mold and mildew infestations to foundation damage. Thus, it is crucial to ensure waterproofing is in place.

Knowledge and skills are required to carry out such a project, so the best course of action here is to hire professionals for waterproofing services! The experts at Quality Age Build will quickly and efficiently perform all the work while adhering to established standards and regulations.

Quality Age Build is not just a company; it’s your reliable partner in the world of construction and renovation, ready to make your project truly unique. If you have any architectural ideas in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us right away! We’ll work with you to bring your vision to life.

Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing is a method of preventing water intrusion within the internal spaces of a building, such as basements or any areas susceptible to water exposure. This process involves applying specialized waterproof coatings, sealants, or membranes to the interior surfaces, creating a protective barrier that prevents water from seeping through walls and floors. Interior waterproofing is particularly useful for existing structures where external waterproofing may be challenging or impractical. By addressing water-related issues from the inside, this approach helps maintain a dry, safe, and moisture-free environment, safeguarding the building’s integrity and protecting valuable assets from potential water damage.

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing is a crucial technique used to protect a building from water infiltration by addressing the issue at its source – the exterior surface. This method involves applying waterproof coatings, membranes, or sealants on the outside walls, foundation, and other vulnerable areas of the structure. By creating a robust and impenetrable barrier, exterior waterproofing prevents rainwater, groundwater, and moisture from penetrating into the building, thus safeguarding it against potential water damage, mold growth, and structural deterioration. This proactive approach to waterproofing is particularly effective for new constructions or during major renovations, ensuring long-lasting protection and enhancing the overall durability and resilience of the building.

Our Basement Waterproofing Process

Waterproofing is a process of making a structure or material resistant to the ingress of water or moisture. It is a crucial aspect of construction and building maintenance, as water intrusion can cause significant damage to buildings, structures, and their contents over time.

People who have experienced basement flooding at least once know how important it is to take timely steps to ensure proper waterproofing.

The primary goal of waterproofing is to create a barrier that prevents water from seeping into a building, whether it’s through walls, floors, roofs, or foundations. This can be achieved through various methods and materials, depending on the specific needs of the structure and the location. Waterproofing is also lead in three ways Interior Waterproofing, Exterior Waterproofing, and Sump Pump Installation.

Basement wall waterproofing is a complex and labor-intensive process that our team is well-equipped to handle. Let’s go over how we execute it:

Basement Assessment

This is the first and crucial step in the waterproofing process, involving the following key aspects:

  • Identifying sources of moisture and water penetration into the basement.
  • Checking the drainage system.
  • Assessing the foundation’s condition for cracks, damage, or settling.
  • Examining drainage systems, gutters, and other factors affecting water intrusion.
  • Investigating visible damage.
  • Checking the ventilation and heating systems for leaks or condensation.

After conducting all the necessary assessments, we provide a detailed report on the basement’s condition, identified issues, sources of moisture, etc.

Work Plan and Estimate

Based on the collected data, we develop a detailed work plan, specifying:

  • The waterproofing methods to be used for the project.
  • The schedule and deadlines for work completion.
  • The list of required materials and equipment, etc.

At this stage, we also provide a cost estimate. All of this allows the client to gain a clear understanding of the necessary work and the basement waterproofing Toronto cost.

Each item is always discussed and approved by the client. This enables us to provide the best solutions for protecting your basement from moisture.

Preparatory Work

Proper preparation is essential for high-quality waterproofing, so we approach this stage with great care.

  • The preparation process includes the following tasks:
  • Cleaning up debris and trash (water removal when necessary).
  • Covering furniture, windows, and doors with protective film to shield them from dust and waterproofing materials.
  • Removing old wall and floor coverings.
  • Repairing visible cracks in the walls or floor.
  • Cleaning walls and floors from dust, mold, dirt, and rust.
  • Isolating plumbing and water systems.

All these tasks are carried out by competent specialists who know how to ensure proper preparation.


Once the surfaces are prepared and the furniture, windows, and doors are shielded, we proceed with the waterproofing basement Toronto. The method chosen depends on:

  • Basement characteristics.
  • Causes of increased humidity or leaks.
  • Area climate conditions and more.

Our top priority is customer satisfaction and ensuring reliable basement waterproofing. We pay the utmost attention to detail and monitor each step of the process to guarantee the highest quality.

Construction site with a waterproof membrane applied to a home foundation, surrounded by wooden framing and construction materials, indicating ongoing foundation fortification work.

Why is Basement Waterproofing is Important?

Quality Age Build is a reliable partner for addressing all issues related to basement waterproofing in Toronto and the GTA. Our professional team has extensive experience and all the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure effective protection of your basement from high humidity, mold, mildew, and stagnant water.

Our basement waterproofing company in Toronto understands that the causes of leaks can be diverse. That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the specifics of each project and the needs of each client.

Don’t postpone the waterproofing of your basement. Contact our company today. We will make your basement dry, safe, and ready for use.

Why to Work With Us

Quality Age Build is a team of professionals united by a common goal: to ensure maximum reliability and protection for your basement in Toronto and the GTA. You’ve probably heard or read about us if you were interested in basement waterproofing services. Clients choose us for many reasons:

Over 5,000 Waterproofing Projects

This isn’t just a number; it’s a result of our outstanding competence and reliability. Each project is a unique story for us, where we combine experience, modern technologies, functionality, and a personalized approach. Whether you need to fix minor leaks or perform comprehensive basement waterproofing in Toronto, our company is always ready to provide qualified assistance.

Waterproofing Warranty

We stand behind the effectiveness of our solutions. For every project, we offer a 30-year warranty! It covers both internal and external waterproofing. If you encounter any issues, we will promptly resolve them at no additional cost.

Highest Quality Guaranteed

Our company pays special attention to details and work quality. We care about every aspect of the installation process to ensure your complete satisfaction and comfort. We use only high-quality waterproofing materials, modern techniques, and a professional approach.

10 years of Experience

In this time, we’ve accumulated valuable experience that gives us strength and confidence. We don’t rest on our laurels but continually educate ourselves and stay updated on the latest industry trends to provide modern, practical solutions and high-quality service.

Attentive Customer Care

We take into account all the wishes and preferences of our customers. This allows us to deliver our services with the utmost quality. We’ll pay close attention to every detail and address any concerns you may have. Rest assured that we’ll discuss every aspect of the work with you so that we can deliver the exact basement you’ve been dreaming of!

A map highlighting Quality Age Build's service coverage in the GTA, encompassing Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, and Hamilton.
Brown waterproofing membrane with orange sealing tape installed along the exterior foundation of a house with a brick wall above and a trench filled with gravel below

Systems We Use For Basement Waterproofing

Basement Wall Systems

A damp basement in a home can cause many problems for homeowners. High humidity not only leads to the growth of mold and mildew but also quick deterioration of the building’s walls. To eliminate moisture, you must take the necessary measures.

One effective way to address high humidity is by waterproofing the walls. It blocks liquid, protecting the basement from the adverse effects of water and moisture, preventing the growth of harmful spores and fungi.

Waterproofing basement walls Toronto is one of the areas of expertise of our company. Our specialists perform waterproofing work both from the inside and outside of the basement.

We use modern techniques, equipment, and high-quality waterproofing materials. We work efficiently, are productive, and achieve top-notch results.

Basement Drainage Systems

Basement areas are typically situated below ground level. This provides them with good insulation on the one hand, and on the other hand, the temperature stability depends on the depth of the area.

It’s crucial that there are no natural sources of moisture (groundwater) in the basement or cellar area and that it is protected from the penetration of water from atmospheric precipitation or potential groundwater level rise with reliable drainage systems.

These systems remove excess water from the basement, which can be caused by heavy rain, air conditioner condensation, or leaking pipes.

Our company installs drainage systems of various types and complexities. Our extensive experience in implementing projects enables us to install efficient drainage systems in areas with complex terrain, large coverage, and unfavorable soil conditions.

Window Well Leak Waterproofing System

Basement windows serve not only as a source of natural light but also as a potential entry point for water into the space. Therefore, it’s essential that they are tightly sealed and have a reliable window well—a recess along the exterior wall of the building.

Window wells are a crucial component of a basement structure. They have the challenging task of providing natural light to basement areas while also protecting them from rainwater infiltration.

Whether you need a new window well installation or repairs to an existing one, turn to the specialists at Quality Age Build. We understand the vulnerability of basement windows and how to protect them effectively.

We offer tailored solutions for each project to ensure the highest quality outcome.

Crack Repair Systems

The strength and reliability of the foundation determine the longevity of the entire structure. Over time, natural and environmental factors can lead to wear and a loss of structural integrity.

One common issue is cracks, and their causes can be varied, including low-quality materials, errors in formwork installation, inadequate concrete compaction, and more.

If these cracks are not addressed on time, they can lead to water or moisture entering the basement and even the structural deterioration of the entire building.

Our company can help you resolve this issue. We always assess the extent of the damage to offer the most effective repair solution tailored to the size and type of cracks.

Our specialists use high-quality materials and tools, ensuring you receive a reliable and lasting repair.

Expanding the Total Living Area

Excess moisture in the basement is a persistent problem for many owners of underground or semi-underground spaces. Dealing with such an issue can be challenging but is crucial.

Elevated humidity levels can negatively impact both the structure and the well-being of individuals who regularly occupy these spaces. Additionally, excess moisture significantly limits the use of the basement area.

This is why it’s important to use air dehumidification systems. They can deal with moisture issues and maintain a healthy microclimate consistently.

Selecting the right system involves numerous calculations and should be done expertly. It’s best to entrust this stage to the professionals at Quality Age Build. We work with official and trusted equipment suppliers, ensuring the high quality of the products.

If you need any assistance in selecting an appropriate system, we’re here to help and provide guidance.

Our Projects

Basement waterproofing is a process that requires specialized knowledge and skills. We use various materials, sealants, and systems to ensure your basement’s dryness and reliable protection.

Issues with basement moisture typically arise due to groundwater, condensation, and drainage. To tackle these problems, our company employs various solutions to achieve effective results. This could involve installing a dehumidifier, drainage system, window well, and more. Our team is capable of handling any task!

4 Ways Water Damages Your Basement:

Leaky Foundation

A leaky foundation poses serious risks to a building’s stability and overall condition. The seepage of water through cracks or gaps can weaken the foundation, leading to structural damage and potential mold growth. Timely repair and waterproofing are crucial to prevent further deterioration and maintain the longevity of the structure.

Poor Drainage

Poor drainage in your home can lead to water pooling around the foundation, causing cracks and structural damage over time. Additionally, it can result in basement flooding and increased humidity levels, creating an environment conducive to mold growth. Timely mitigation of poor drainage issues is essential to prevent costly repairs and maintain a healthy living environment.


Basement flooding occurs when excessive water accumulates and seeps into the lower levels of a building, often due to heavy rainfall, improper drainage, or plumbing issues. This can lead to significant property damage, ruined belongings, and the growth of mold and mildew. Preventative measures like proper waterproofing and maintaining functional drainage systems are essential to avoid the risks associated with basement flooding.

Sewer Backup

A sewer backup happens when the sewage system becomes overwhelmed or blocked, causing wastewater to flow back into homes or buildings. This can result in unsanitary conditions, extensive property damage, and health hazards due to contaminated water and waste. Regular maintenance of sewage systems and the installation of backflow prevention devices are crucial in preventing sewer backups.

Our Happy Clients

Construction workers applying a black waterproofing membrane to the exterior foundation walls of a building, set against a sandy brick wall and clear skies above.