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Bench Footing Services in GTA

Interested in conducting construction work in your basement to get more space? Then, consider the bench footing service from the expert builders at Quality Age Build.

Our Bench Footing Services

The bench footing, known as a bench foundation, is a type of foundation commonly used in construction. Bench Footing is a less expensive alternative to underpinning. This method involves constructing a concrete bench around the perimeter of the basement and it does not require excavation under the existing foundation. It consists of a thick concrete slab or beam that is constructed at ground level, running along the perimeter of the building. This beam acts as the support for the walls and columns of the structure, distributing the load evenly and preventing settlement.

Overall, the bench footing is an effective foundation option for many construction projects, providing stability and support while minimizing potential structural issues.

Why to Work With Us

Quality Age Building stands out as a premier and highly skilled company within the Toronto market, dedicated to serving clients since 2011. Our mission is centered on transforming your basement into a space that is not only visually appealing but also optimally functional for your needs. Additionally, several key factors make selecting us as your contractor a pivotal choice:

Over 5,000 Projects

This reflects the confidence our clients have in our expertise and experience! Through our projects, we demonstrate not just craftsmanship that endures for years but also meticulous attention to every single detail, whether it involves a comprehensive basement lowering or the installation of a floor heating system.

Exclusive Warranty

We stand firmly behind the quality of our services, offering a 30-year guarantee to each of our customers! Rest assured that our team is committed to swiftly resolving any technical concerns on-site, without imposing any additional charges.

Highest Quality Always Guaranteed

Our rigorous selection process for materials and equipment ensures that we only opt for premium-quality products from reputable suppliers. This stringent approach underlines the exceptional professionalism of our team and guarantees superior outcomes for our clients.

10+ years of Experience

Even with our extensive experience, we persist in honing our skills to deliver the exemplary service our customers deserve. Offering practical solutions and a range of effective options tailored to fit any budget, we are committed to achieving excellence for you.

Affordable Pricing

At Quality Age Building (QAB), we provide you with the unique advantage of affordable pricing. This approach means you don’t have to compromise on quality to stay within your budget. Our commitment to offering exceptional value ensures that you can confidently invest in your home, knowing you’re receiving premier service and craftsmanship at a cost-effective rate. This affordability enables you to achieve your renovation aspirations while staying true to your financial goals.

Attentive Customer Needs

We prioritize understanding and incorporating our customers’ desires and preferences, ensuring the highest quality of service delivery. By paying meticulous attention to every detail and addressing any concerns you might have, we guarantee thorough communication about every facet of the project. This commitment ensures we can bring to life the exact basement you’ve envisioned!

A map highlighting Quality Age Build's service coverage in the GTA, encompassing Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, and Hamilton.
A partially cleared basement with metal support beams and exposed floor joists, ready for structural improvements

Benefits of Our Bench Footing

Quality Age Build is an excavation company in Toronto that strives to provide quality services at affordable prices. We are always ready to demonstrate professionalism in addressing any earthworks-related tasks.


It provides a stable base for the building, distributing the weight of the structure across a wider area to minimize settlement and shifting.

Load distribution

The bench footing helps distribute the load from the walls and columns evenly, reducing the stress on the soil and preventing uneven settlement.

Improved structural integrity

By supporting the walls and columns, the bench footing enhances the overall structural integrity of the building, making it more resistant to movement and settlement.

Rich Experience

The experience accumulated over many successful years enables us to perform practically all types of earthwork. We can excavate, remove, and level the site, among other tasks.

Protection against soil erosion

The bench footing acts as a barrier, preventing soil erosion around the base of the building.

Cost Effective

The Bench footing is less costly comparing to underpinning and take less time to complete.

Our Projects

Our company has been successfully performing bench footing services in Toronto using specialized equipment for many years. We understand that the quality of this process determines the stability, reliability, and, therefore, the safety of the future building. Thus, we guarantee the responsible execution of all tasks.