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Sump Pump Installation Services in Toronto & GTA

Looking to protect your building from water damage and keep your basement dry? Trust sump pump installation in Toronto to the professionals at Quality Age Build!

What is a Sump Pump Installation?

A sump pump is a device used to remove water from a basement. It helps prevent building damage due to flooding and groundwater. Its installation is important in protecting your home from damage and issues due to excessive moisture.

Quality Age Build provides comprehensive drain services in Toronto, specializing in servicing and repairing water drainage systems. You’re guaranteed to receive quality installation of drainage equipment, allowing you to keep your home dry and comfortable to live in.

Our Sump Pump Installation Services

The team of experts at Quality Age Build offers a range of services:

Free consultation

Experts inspect the basement, consider water supply and sewer specifics, and calculate the cost of pump station installation.

Pump selection

We familiarize ourselves with the structural features of water drainage pumps and assist in selecting the model.

Assembly of drainage stations

Specialists prepare the sump pit, install the pump, assemble protective structures, and equip the stations with soft start components.

Installation and commissioning works

We ensure connections are sealed and waterproof and electrical connections are properly made. After the initial equipment startup, we monitor the intensity of water drainage from the basement.

Service and technical maintenance of sump pump Toronto

Our team conducts annual inspections of pump station integrity and functionality and performs all types of repair work as needed.

Development of design and estimate documentation

We sign contracts for technical maintenance and repair, maintain service records, and provide reports on completed work.

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City Rebates for Sump Pump Installation

(City of Toronto Only)

With the high financial investment required for installations of a sump pump, the city has initiated a rebate program to assist residents financially. This initiative is known as the New Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program. Through this program, homeowners in Toronto are eligible to receive up to 80% of the installation cost back, with the rebate cap set at $1,750. This amount includes the cost of labor, materials, taxes, and necessary government permits.

To qualify for the rebate, the installation must be conducted by a licensed city plumber. Undertaking the installation of the sump pump on your own risks personal liability for any issues that may arise. Therefore, it’s advisable to engage the services of professional installers like Quality Age Building from the outset.


The City of Toronto offers a rebate of up to 80% of the invoiced cost


Maximum cap of the rebate offered by the city is $1,750

How Does a Sump Pump Installation Work?

The operation of drainage pumps is as follows:

Water collection

The water drainage pump system, installed in the lower part of the basement, collects sewage or groundwater.


The float switch automatically activates the pump when the water level in the basement/sump reaches a certain mark.


The pump sucks up the water and transfers it to the discharge point.


When the water level in the basement/sump decreases, the float switch turns off the pump.

Backup system

In the absence of electricity, the operation of the drainage pump is ensured by a battery system.

Sump Pump Installation Process

The installation of drainage pumps involves the following:


Determining the type and specifications of the pump


Studying the object: dimensions, construction materials, operating conditions.


Preparation of the installation site for the drainage pump.


Arrangement of the sump pit.


Assembly of drainage channels.


Installation of the pump station.

Benefits of Our Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump installation is a profitable investment with long-term prospects. With our installed drainage systems, you can permanently eliminate the problem of flooding and high humidity in basements.

Water Damage Prevention

Timely removal of excess water into the sewer drain ensures the integrity of the foundation, prevents wall deformation, and extends the building’s service life.

Enhanced Property Value

Professional installation of sump pump Toronto is an economically beneficial solution to ensure the integrity of your home’s structures, thereby increasing the value of the property.

Mold and Mildew Prevention

An effective way to control water presence in the basement, even under extreme conditions, and reliable prevention of destructive mold and mildew growth. You can make the space suitable for storing goods and belongings.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Interior Basement Finishing

Installing drainage equipment to remove excess water is a more cost-effective investment than full or partial repairs of a damaged foundation and supporting structures.

Why to Work With Us?

Our achievements:

5000+ successfully completed projects
10+ years of experience in installing and servicing pump systems
Comprehensive warranty on all types of work
Flexible and transparent pricing
High-quality services with modern equipment and systems
Individual approach to each client
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Which Factors Affect Sump Pump Installation Cost?

Sump pump installation cost Toronto depends on several factors:

Sump pump quality

Equipment made from high-quality materials ensures long-term durability and cost savings in the long run. We’ll help you choose the best option for your home’s needs.

Type of basement floor

The installation cost is influenced by the type of basement (soil, concrete) and the pit’s depth. If necessary, we conduct equipment installation into the basement wall.

Installation labour

The service cost includes electrical and carpentry work, as well as installation and commissioning of the pump station.

Drainage system

Major repairs to the premises and replacement of damaged drainage systems. You can choose larger diameter pipes for draining larger amounts of water if desired.

Horsepower needed

The power of the pump station determines the distance water travels after changing direction. This means you’ll need a high-power pump to address excess moisture problems.

Our Projects

Toronto sump pump installation by Quality Age Build guarantees the reliability of your home’s drainage systems.

Need professional consultation?

Take a look at examples of our sump pump installation projects and contact our consultant for your next project!


What is the typical lifespan of a sump pump?

The pump station can last up to 10-12 years with timely maintenance, repairs, and filter replacement.

How frequently should one perform maintenance on their sump pump?

It’s advisable to perform maintenance on drainage pumps once a year or depending on filter contamination.

Can sump pumps guarantee prevention of all basement flooding incidents?

Proper installation of a drainage pump allows for quick removal of excess water during floods or heavy rains. It performs excellently under extreme conditions. It can be integrated with other drainage systems and modern basement waterproofing solutions to enhance pump efficiency.

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